Fort Rock Tactical's knives are used every day by members of the United States Armed Forces stationed around the world. We've asked service members who receive our knives to submit feedback about how their Fort Rock Tactical knife helps them out both on duty and in their everyday lives. Every quarter, we give away a knife and some Fort Rock swag to the story that really wows us. 

Here are some of our recent favorites.
"I’ve had other out the front knives made by other companies . . . but this one takes the cake. Absolutely love the ergonomics and size. I’m stationed here on Guam and was recently in the jungle by myself and came across a 200 pound wild boar. The only thing I had on me for self defense was my Hogue knife. I looked at the pig the pig looked at me. I took out my knife and nearly shit myself but luckily after some snorting and false charges it went the other way. My Hogue knife has been to 7 countries with me so far and I look forward to years of companionship."
Dan D. 

"I saw this knife and had the thought, 'This will be the absolute best user knife!' And I was not wrong. Ordered it, SO much nicer than I expected. Absolutely beautiful. Strong action and I use the hell out of it. Phenomenal knife here guys!"
Gage S. 

"I’m a huge fan of knives. When I received this knife, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the blade, handle and assembly. The easy operation and safety device was a bonus. When using the knife, the comfort in handling it is perfect. I’ve decided to make this knife my daily carry. It wins!!"
Thomas M.